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12 May 1996

[New] nfs versus ftp transfer speedHerbert Rosmanith
  Re: Solution to socket destroyHerbert Rosmanith
[New] SUperMicro P55T2S 430HX MBs"James H. Cloos Jr."
  Re: POP3 and 1.3.99 - HELP!!!!David Schwartz aka Joel Katz
[New] dtc2278 driver statement & question"Michael J. Greger"
[New] Oops in 1.3.100"Michael J. Greger"
[New] Linux LogoMike Wangsmo
  Re: no swap partition bigger than 16MB [YAP]Davi Antunes Lima
  Re: mcRussell Berry
  Re: 'nodev proc'Derrik Pates
  Re: 720k boot diskHans Lermen
  Re: old kernels too stable(Scott Jennings)
  Re: Linux Logo prototype.Gokhan UNEL
  Re: Linux Logo prototype. (fwd)(Mike Castle)
[New] PPP CrashAlfredo Rainho Neves
  Re: Linux Logo prototype.Lars Marowsky-Bree
  Re: fcntl() or ioctl() for fs readahead?(Larry McVoy)
  Re: ideas(Nick Holloway)
[New] 1.3.100 Oops on bootup."Robert R. Collier"
[New] Re: /proc/scsi in 1.3.97"Ulrich Windl"
[New] Re: Kernels - What's in and what's out.Albert Cahalan
[New] kdebug-1.1 on kernel 1.3.100, unresolved symbols for kdebug.olilo
[New] WhoopsMichael Meissner
[New] 1.3.100Peter Jones
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?Herbert Rosmanith
[New] Re: nlistMichael Riepe
[New] linux pinguin logoBarry Lagerweij
  Re: Kernels - What's in and what's out. [Re: Post 2.0 idea]"Brian A. Lantz"
  Re: NO core dumpJoseph Dickson
  Re: ideasBrian M Grunkemeyer
[New] Re: Linux Logo prototype. (fwd)Russell Berry
[New] Not show users?root
  Re: strange load averageRussell Berry
  Re: Kernels - What's in and what's out. [Re: Post 2.0 idea]Jaco Greeff
[New] alias wanted for binfmt_javaLawrence Chim
  Re: ideasAlan Cox
  Re: no swap partition bigger than 16MB [YAP]Jos Vos
[New] Java and the FSSTNDAlbert Cahalan
  Re: Logging More Messages?lilo
[New] .100: conmakehash diffSystem Operator
[New] Kerneld woes(Mr A.M. Kruczkowski)
[New](John Paul Morrison)
[New] aha2940 crash w/ 1.2.13 and 1.3.94Herbert Rosmanith
[New] voteRyan A Whelan
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?Johan Myréen
[New] Re: filenames (fwd)Nick Andrew
[New] w strangenessMatthew
  Re: 1.3.99 breaks loopback device?Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] 1.3.100 & flockroot
  Re: ideasAlan Cox
[New] 1.3.100 won't linkMichael Harnois
[New] incorrect minor numbers for cycladesHerbert Rosmanith
[New] Re: /proc/cflags [PATCH] [take two] Was: animal namesJoe Fouche
  Re: no swap partition bigger than 16MB [YAP]Adam
[New] Problems mounting second ide/atapi cdromChris Hoover
  Re: man pages (was: Re: wish list)Tom Bjorkholm
[New] missing linux/vm86.h from 1.3.100Lawrence Chim
  Re: wish listAllan Wind
[New] Penguin as mascotShawn Rutledge
  re: NTFS Filesystem?Linux kernel mailing list
[New] BAD CPU --> SIG11"Gregory L. Galloway"
[New] Slow PPP link with 1.3.9x"R.J.Morris"
[New] 1.3.100 Oops, kerneld/isofs module ?Gerd Knorr
[New] POP3 and 1.3.99 HELP!!!"Alan K. Adamson"
  Re: Patch to include animal nameslilo
[New] flock/new libs/Wine/DOSEMUSven
[New] bug in some /proc/sys/kernel/* files (1.3.99)(Andreas Koppenhoefer)
[New] Let's unify kbd device nameBoris Tobotras
  Re: Fixed paths in the kernel?lilo
  Re: Change in 1.3.99 breaks perl4.036 running mirror-2.3lilo
  Re: fcntl() or ioctl() for fs readahead?Matthias Urlichs
[New] Follow to 1.3.100 IDE error"Michael J. Greger"
  Re: Java in OS? - [DONE!]Dan McLaughlin
[New] More on the "stupid questions" threadRicky Beam
  Re: fcntl() or ioctl() for fs readahead?Ingo Molnar
[New] ps u & shutdown in 1.3.90Jan-Patrick Perisse
  Re: linux pinguin logolilo
  Problems w/ telnet & 1.3.99Pablo Molinero Fernandez
[New] double lock on socket with diskless pre2.0.1David Monro
[New] Java in OS? - patch2"Brian A. Lantz"
  Re: alias wanted for binfmt_javalilo
  Re: linux on HFS? why not HPFS instead?(Ben Wing)
[New] Patch: modules-1.3.69h (the minimum, imho)Peter Berger
[New] c++ question...system admin
  Re: Kernels - What's in and what's out.Alan Shutko
[New] Java binary format supportBoris Tobotras
  Re: route/ifconfig and .99(Alan Cox)
  Re: Kernels - What's in and what's out.Alan Cox
  Re: Linux LogoMike Wangsmo
  Re: strange load average(Jochen Heuer)
[New] 1.3.100, attempt to access beyond deviceHerbert Rosmanith
[New] mutex syscall patch, questions about clone and its possible bugsJakub Jelinek
  Re: ideasKen Jordan
  Re: Linux Logo prototype.Buddha Buck
[New] Question Re: PPP speedGary Abrahams
[New] kerneld and dosemu-0.60.4Lawrence Chim
[New] can't unmount nfs-partition "can#t handle reloc type" ?Herbert Rosmanith
  Re: 1.3.x and sendmail...Greg Patterson
  Re: [104] Linux kernels will not uncompress on a PC/104 386 board ...Robert de Bath
[New] 1.3.100 Oops"Larry 'Daffy' Daffner"
[New] oops in .100 mounting dos partitionWayne Roberts
  Re: 1.3.100 Oops, kerneld/isofs module ?(Bjorn Ekwall)
  Re: ideas(TANAKA Yoshitomo)
[New] Re: Bug in serial line hangup code ? (Final solution [maybe])Peter Fox
  Re: adding another 16meg to make 32megMatt Mc Namara
  Re: NO core dump ?Joseph Dickson
  suid scrips (was Re: /proc/<pid>/mem unreadable)Kenneth Albanowski
  Re: /proc/cflags [PATCH] [take two] Was: animal namesJacques Gelinas
[New] 1.3.100 and AHA2940Dave Wreski
  Re: Bad 1.3.95 interactive performance (fwd)Terje Bergstrom
  Re: alias wanted for binfmt_java"Brian A. Lantz"
[New] mutilated IP over nullmodemHerbert Rosmanith
[New] Lance driver(x10)
  Re: mutex syscall patch, questions about clone and its possible bugsRAMPOD SW Development
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?lilo
[New] Re: Linux logoAlbert Cahalan
[New] Linux96? Linux97! :)lilo
  Re: missing linux/vm86.h from 1.3.100Jes Degn Soerensen
[New] ethernet card"Matthew M. Lenz"
[New] Penguin as mascotSeth Goldberg
[New] Re: modules and linux-1.3.{99,100}Matthias Reineke
  Re: Java and the FSSTND"Darrin R. Smith"
  Re: .96/.97 : random crashes (detailed Oops report)Paul Matthews
  Re: BAD CPU --> SIG11lilo
[New] Kernel upgrades without rebooting :-)Juha Virtanen
  Re: NO core dumpJoseph Dickson
  Re: 1.3.100: My notes, as usualHerbert Rosmanith
  Re: Lance driverJon Lewis
[New](Jacek Zapala)
  Re: POP3 and 1.3.99 HELP!!!Jared Mauch
  Re: NO core dump(Bernd Eckenfels)
  Re: NO core dumpLinus Torvalds
  Re: flock/new libs/Wine/DOSEMUMike Wangsmo
  Re: your mail(Nick Holloway)
[New](Jacek Zapala)
  Re: Linux LogoLinus Torvalds
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