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SubjectRe: Linux logo
> For what it is worth, when we did the Linux/OI giveaway,
> we used the inverted triangle with Linux in it, approximated by:
> ----------
> \ /
> Linux /
> \ /
> \ /
> \/
> which our marketing people found tasteful and good looking. I grabbed
> it off the net at the time because I was under the impression that it
> was the official linux logo. Something like that professionally done
> would likely be a good official logo.
> As for doing stuff with penguins, that sounds more like a one off
> project (although with enough of them, the penguin could become the
> mascott :-).

The pink inverted triangle has already been taken.
Hitler used it to mark homosexual prisioners, and
now it is used for "gay identity" or something, I'm
not too sure. So, is the penguin gay? What's the
greased weasel for? :-)

There are things we should avoid:

Inverted triangle
Greased * on *
Penguins breaking/beating/killing *
Windows of any kind
Red background
Any kind of drug (even Jolt)

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