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SubjectKerneld woes
Hi there

I've recently had my second major effort towards getting a kerneld
system running here, and for the second time I have failed. I compiled
1.3.100 with the appropriate module options, and got the modules-1.3.57
package. I made the modules I needed -- nothing great, just parallel
printing and PPP --- and edited my rc.S script as suggested. No good.
insmod seems to work when I load in lp.o -- but modprobe and depmod
both start the machine trashing. Eventually I get a series of
messages "Ouch, no kerneld for message <insert long number here>".
I upgraded to modules-1.3.69h and tried again. No luck. I editted
my rc.S script as suggested by the new file rc.hints, but modprobe
and depmod both cause the machine to thrash and eventually put out
the messages described above.

Can anyone enlighten me please?

Many thanks in advance


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