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SubjectRe: Kernels - What's in and what's out. [Re: Post 2.0 idea]

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Brian A. Lantz wrote:
> > in the kernel. (We cannot take another 200-300K in the kernel. Bloating =
> > uncool) A deamon of some sort is a much better idea. I'm sorry if I've
> > stepped on some toes. (Just in the midst of the whole Java thing -- not
> > cool at all)
> Sorry you feel this way, but MANY disagree....

I don't think many people would disagree that bloating is uncool. My
point is: if a new development (JAVA, speech recognition) can be
implemented without bloat, by all means, do it! It is just unfair to the
whole Linux community to bloat the kernel for small enhancements.

> > We all want the same thing: a better Linux, and if we step
> > on each others toes while going for that goal, mainly because of small
> > misunderstandings, well such is life. Just like JAVA support, speech
> > recognition doesn't belong in the kernel itself. (So let's stop this
> > whole thread.) I'm proud of Linux and one of the things that is great
> > about it is that it is so small and flexible. Lets keep it like that.
> It would be better if you got the facts together before you started
> condemning something.

I was not condemming the JAVA effort, just saying that implementation
without bloat is the way to go.

> The Java support is just a few lines of code. The Java executable (user
> level process) does the work, and is where the REAL code is. The kernel
> support (what little there is) is just to make it transparent.

I followed the JAVA effort with great interrest and is happy about the
way things turned out. Just a hook in the kernel: What EVERYBODY
needed. Once again Linux strikes - new features without added bloat.

Once again, it seems that people read between the lines in what I said,
sorry, hope this clarifies the matter. (Damn, I've gotta stop doing this :)

Happy Linuxing



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