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SubjectRe: Linux Logo prototype.
> |On Thu, 9 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> OK, so we have a pudgy penguin sitting on top of the World satiated and
> bean-bag like. My original Atlas style suggestion couldn't be made
> anatomically correct, a penguin's flippers, vestiges of wings, are much
> too short; if for no other reason this makes it a bad idea :-)
> Since a spherical depiction of the Earth limits what land masses would
> be shown, a planar view (projection) might be better. The Hammer equal
> area or Robinson projections produce a bowl like image of the World
> showing it in its entirety. Also, this would provide a platform on
> which the penguin sits.

I seem to remember reading (in one of Martin Gardner's myriad books on
mathematical recreations) about a sphere->sphere map projection that
mapped two Earth's surfaces onto one globe. He book mentioned the
quizzical look on peoples faces as they tried to figure out what was
odd about the globe in the inventors office. A spherical projection of
-that- globe would probably be perfect. I'll look for more data (Oh,
gee, a -reason- to reread M.G. books.)

> I'm using the words Globe, Earth, and World interchangeably, that
> vehicle on which we are all passengers.
Buddha Buck
"She was infatuated with their male prostitutes, whose members were
like those of donkeys and whose seed came in floods like that of
stallions." -- Ezekiel 23:20

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