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SubjectRe: [104] Linux kernels will not uncompress on a PC/104 386 board. why??
On Thu, 9 May 1996 wrote:

> anyways. you gurus will probably be able to nail down my problem
> pretty quick since it is 100% repeatable and happens at the very start
> of the boot process...
> Loading................................
> (I do get a carriage return after that line so that the cursor winds
> up just below the 'L' in Loading and it just sits there) I do not get
> the "Uncompressing kernel..." portion at all that one would normally
> get on that line and the computer is just hung.

That's the point where the boot block starts running the 386 code it's
just loaded. The problem could be either the loader loading the wrong
blocks from the floppy or the switch to 386 mode failing.

You could try booting from a LILO floppy instead, if that fails before
the LILO prompt completes or succeeds the problem's probably the floppy
BIOS. If it fails at the same spot (Just before you'd see 'Uncompressing')
then something's going wrong with the switch the 386 mode and you're
probably stuffed ... :(

Rob. (Robert de Bath <>)

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