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Subjectps u & shutdown in 1.3.90
 Sorry if these boubts have already been answered, but i just got into the 
list 8-).

My system configuration: Kernel 1.3.90, AHA 2940, Slackware 3.0, ppp
and ps/2 mouse.

1- The last time I shutdown my system, the shutdown seemed not to work,
so I forced it down (reset). When I started it up again it kept on writing
the following message to my screen:
kernel: Warning: dev (04:c1) tty-count(2) != #fd's(3) in tty_open
kernel: Warning: dev (04:c1) tty-count(2) != #fd's(3) in release_dev

the numbers changed depending on which action i take
When I kill some processes (without seeing them) the message stops. It doesn't
depend on the processes, put on the number (quantity) of processes I kill.
I later discovered that shutdown had replaced my /dev/console to the same
major and minor numbers of ttyp1 (4 and c1 (193, i think)). I mknodded
/dev/console again and fixed the problem.
I dunno in what circumstances it happens, nor if it changed anything else!!
Can somebody help me??

2- When I issue ps u or run "top" it sends the message:
Floating point exception
Does someone knows something aboui it?

Please answer to as well as in the list...

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