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SubjectRe: NO core dump

On Sat, 11 May 1996, Joseph Dickson wrote:
> On Mon, 06 May 1996 20:01:08 +0000, Peter Asboeck writes:
> >ulimit -c == 0 means 0 bytes/pages (?) for core dump (got it ?) which
> >is not unlimited, isn't it ?
> Correct.. ulimit -c unlimited will gitcha unlimited coredumpsize.. friendly
> advice though.. use tcsh.. it rocks :]

Friendly advice: get rid of tcsh as quickly as possible. It's one of those
horribly broken programs that you shouldn't use if you can at all avoid it.

The only way tcsh "rocks" is when the rocks are attached to it's feet in the
deepest part of a very deep lake. It _used_ to have the redeeming feature of
having nice command line editing, but in these days with real sh-compatible
standard shells (of which bash is only one example), tcsh is an abomination.

If you don't like bash, try zsh instead, but don't go down the path of tcsh -
that way lies madness ("it is the dark side of the force"). One of the most
nifty things with shells are that you can do interactive programming in them
(just a line every now and then when you need something special), and tcsh
does that very badly indeed.

Bash may have some misfeatures, but they are only beaty warts compared to
the crippling idiocies of tcsh.


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