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SubjectRe: Linux-2.0
I just saw pre2.0.14... tricky tricky

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Just kidding, folks..
> Anyway, I wasn't kidding about the "final pre-release", so you really _should_
> take a good look at pre2.0.13 and holler about any problems you encounter. Note
> that Linux-2.0 will not be the "Linux to end all Linuxes", and if your
> favourite feature hasn't made it into the latest kernels, don't feel too bad.
> We have at least 5 major numbers to go before we can even catch up with some of
> the competition.
> Now, I haven't been very good at writing the release notes, because I stopped
> at some point when vger was so slow that it didn't make much sense. vger has
> been back, but I've been slow to start writing release notes again.. Anyway, as
> pre2.0.13 is the final pre-release, you obviously automatically know that all
> the bugs are gone, and that this is just a release to check that you're all
> awake and still following the list. The real 2.0 will be the same, except we'll
> change the name of some things.
> HOWEVER, in the unlikely case that there are still problems, I'd like to hear
> about them. We may not be able to fix all the problems in the world in the last
> day or two of 2.0 development, but at least we can try. So consider it your
> civic duty to bother enough that you try this out, ok?
> Yes, I know you're all laughing your heads off and feeling a pity for poor
> optimistic Linus, but hey, deciding when to release the d*mn things is my
> prerogative. So there..
> Linus
> ----
> In case you care, pre-2.0.12 -> pre-2.0.13 does:
> - various documentation stuff.
> - random drievr update
> - mcdx and sbpcd updates
> - pty packet mode disable fixes
> - baycom driver bugfix
> - lance driver support for PCnet PCI II (where do people find these silly
> names?)
> - SMC ultra packet corruption fix
> - BusLogic driver update
> - standard UIO_MAXIOV name (and size)
> - SMB conditional disable of long filenames
> - various net fixes - the TCP send_queue used to get corrupted by local
> firewalling rules etc.
> - mmap() checks sizes.

: taylor cc (ixx) :

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