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SubjectRe: Linux 2.0
A couple of things about releases 1.99.1[012(3)] have come to my
attention, and I thought I would bring them to yours. I upgraded
_everything_ to the most recent version, but maybe I'm still missing
something here.

Upon doing a 'who', I see people logged into the same pty at the same
time, subsequently ps -aux|grep 'person' doesn't show a thing, because
that person isn't logged in anymore! Netstat shows lots of net
connections that have long since closed, in such states as FIN_WAIT 2.
Of course I _haven't_ really upgraded that, as I still have inode numbers
instead of file/directory names in the lower netstat listings.

Another thing is swapping. I watch mem/swap usage a lot, and I can watch
the machine go from several meg free, with no swap space used at boot, up,
then fire up X, netscape, nedit, dosemu, wine, and compile a new kernel
all at the same time, and I watch mem go to 131K available, and a little
over half of my 16Meg swap used. I suppose _this_ is normal, however,
upon closing all these apps, shutting down X, and returning to my barely
multiuser state, swap is still very active, mem only came up a couple of
meg, and general network performance seems sluggish, as compared to the
state of post boot before all the apps and X. Restarting X, and just a
couple of apps at this point will send the load average to nearly 3.5, for
the brief period until everything starts, then the swap is eaten almost
entirely for the duration. After the machine sits in this state
overnight, the load drops to around .30, the swap is still sitting around
12 Meg used, and the mouse, ppp, and window switching seems very slow.

These are my observations, I _REALLY_ wish I could have taken more time to
dig into the code, though my only linux box is at work. As soon as I get
one at home I'll be a more active participant in this project. These
things I mention here I feel are important, I have noticed other little
quirks here and there, other people have mentioned them, so I won't, the
quirks know who they are! :-) And yes, I found the damn 1.99.13 pty fluke
as soon as I logged into my machine at work tonight from home, then later
read that 1.99.14 takes care of this. Is 14 it?



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