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SubjectRe: The World After Linux-2.0 (Was: Re: Linux-2.0)
Thus spake Luca Lizzeri:
> Will Linus come up with a sufficiently Cool Name for 2.0 ?

No doubt.

> Will 2.1 be as hectic and interesting as 2.0 ?

More so...2.0 isn't supposed to be hectic.
Now, 2.1 will probably be just as much fun as 1.3.

> I know about IPv6, POSIX.6. I know about XXXX support in the kernel, which
> will not happen, will happen in part or will provoke a fission in Linux
> development. What else ?

I think IPv6 is _definitely_ going to make it for 2.1.
It's moving _very_ quickly.

> NFSv3 ?


> ATM ? (I know W. Almesberger is working on it)

Hope so.
I think the Linux net code can handle AAL-4 speeds now, but Alan'll
correct me if I'm wrong.

> Linux on SGI boxes ?
> VGER running Linux and working perfectly :) ?

Yup on both counts, or davem will die trying. =)


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