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SubjectLinux 2.0
>>>>> "Linus" == Linus Torvalds <> writes:

Linus> Heh, thought I'd get your attention with that subject
Linus> line.. Anyway, I'm not _just_ out after attention. I just
Linus> made pre2.0.13, and you should consider this a "final test
Linus> release", with the real 2.0 coming out this weekend (and if
Linus> I fail, may God strike me down with a zhh%%gzh



did this happen to you because 1.99.13 has broken TIOCPKT ?
(sorry about the not so funny joke)

I'm seriuos, i believe that TIOCPKT is broken. I'm using a
non-standard 1.99.13 but i didn't made any changes to the pty handling
(i only mess up with the net code) and telnetd should be reading
"\0something" from the pty and it's reading "something" only. :-(

If you send a patch to linux-kernel we can quiickly test it so that
2.0 goes out ok and in time.

congratulations on 2.0 :-)

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