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SubjectRe: The World After Linux-2.0 (Was: Re: Linux-2.0)
On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Luca Lizzeri wrote:
> So, after having reported a mystifying absence of bugs on my system for all
> of the pre2.0 series, and declaring myself astounded by the speed and quality
> of Linux's evolution, I ask:
> Will Linus come up with a sufficiently Cool Name for 2.0 ?
> What will the world be like after 2.0 ?
> Will 2.1 be as hectic and interesting as 2.0 ?

Yes. The Linux-SCSI I/O subsystem is more dead then alive at the moment.
It will take major work to make it reliable again and prepare it and the
rest of the IO subsystem for the future.

> NFSv3 ?
> ATM ? (I know W. Almesberger is working on it)
> PA-RISC port ?
> Linux on SGI boxes ?

Thats already work in progress.

> VGER running Linux and working perfectly :) ?
> RAID levels > 0 ?

Already there, but only in hardware, not in software. Use the EATA-DMA driver
and a RAID controller from DPT and you have RAID levels up to 5. It's
been in the standard kernel since 1.1.81.

> Journaling filesystem ?
> Portals filesystem ?


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