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SubjectRe: Linux 2.0
> Nope, that's the sound of telnet being broke big time.  Logging in at the
> Lost initial characters
> no echoing of commands as typed
> results of commands only show last few characters
> staircase effect during results of commands
> This is exibited from a clean install from a new copy of the tar.gz file. Just
> to test I backed up to 1.99.12 on the local machine and then telneted to the
> one in the other room that was still running 1.99.13. Same results. So it
> is in the incomming code, not the outgoing code. So back to 1.99.12 for me.

Yes, this is _definately_ a problem. I had the exact symptoms (I did
compile twice from fresh full distribution just to be sure), I just
applied the .14 patch but didn't have time for it to complete before I had
to leave. You're also right about it being incoming vs. outgoing problem.

Brian Pape

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