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    SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
    Hello, world!

    > I don't doubt that there are advantages in putting parts of the video
    > board management inside the kernel. However, there are costs in doing
    > so, and people should neither try to trivialize the cost nor
    > overemphasize the benefit.

    I think that we need some video board support inside the kernel as
    it will:

    (1) Remove all the damned VC switching problems.

    (2) Reduce VC switching overhead (when switching from X to text mode,
    it will be no longer needed to swap out contents of the whole video-ram,
    but only the first few kilobytes instead).

    (3) Give you a possibility to have different video modes on different

    (4) Eliminate the need to configure things like video card type,
    monitor type, frequency limits, mouse parameters etc. on more places.

    Remember that there are still people who don't use X all the time...


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