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SubjectThe World After Linux-2.0 (Was: Re: Linux-2.0)
After having stricken fear in the hearts of software magnates all over the
world with the line
> Subject: Linux 2.0

Linus Torvalds went on to freeze the blood of the readers of the
linux-kernel list:

> Heh, thought I'd get your attention with that subject line..
> Anyway, I'm not _just_ out after attention. I just made pre2.0.13, and you
> should consider this a "final test release", with the real 2.0 coming out this
> weekend (and if I fail, may God strike me down with a zhh%%gzh

Fortunately, he resurrected just minutes later saying:
> Just kidding, folks..

So, after having reported a mystifying absence of bugs on my system for all
of the pre2.0 series, and declaring myself astounded by the speed and quality
of Linux's evolution, I ask:

Will Linus come up with a sufficiently Cool Name for 2.0 ?

What will the world be like after 2.0 ?

Will 2.1 be as hectic and interesting as 2.0 ?

If anybody wanted to try his hand and help, he could do it better if
forewarned. So, I want to know where will Linux be heading.

I know about IPv6, POSIX.6. I know about XXXX support in the kernel, which
will not happen, will happen in part or will provoke a fission in Linux
development. What else ?

NFSv3 ?
ATM ? (I know W. Almesberger is working on it)
PA-RISC port ?
Linux on SGI boxes ?
VGER running Linux and working perfectly :) ?
RAID levels > 0 ?
Journaling filesystem ?
Portals filesystem ?

Anything else ? Anything already implemented ?

Luca Lizzeri

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