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Subject[RFC] TuxOnIce
I'd like to submit TuxOnIce for review, with a view to seeking to get it
merged, perhaps in 2.6.31 or .32 (depending upon what needs work before
it can be merged) and the willingness of those who matter.

To briefly summarise the advantages to merging TuxOnIce:

- Support for multiple swap devices
- Support for non-swap (an ordinary file can be used)
- Uses cryptoapi (LZO support, more than 2x speed of uncompressed data!)
- Asynchronous I/O, readahead, multithreaded. Get the maximum throughput
possible with your hardware.
- Userspace user interface that lets you abort hibernating and abort
resuming, get nice progress display etc.
- 8 years of testing and improvement.
- Full image of memory (LRU pages that don't need to be atomically
copied are saved prior to the atomic copy, then used as the
destination of the atomic copy).
- Support for resuming a different image after writing an image - makes
powering down a UPS after writing an image doable.
- Simple to set up (works without any userspace binaries, uses existing
resume= and noresume commandline parameters).

Signed-off-by: Nigel Cunningham <>

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