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SubjectRe: [TuxOnIce-devel] [RFC] TuxOnIce
Date wrote:
> Well...
>> To summarise disadvantages:
>> - only core has 8000 LoC
>> - it does stuff that can be easily done in userspace
>> (and that todays distros _do_ in userspace).
>> - it duplicates uswsusp functionality.
>> - compared to [u]swsusp, it received little testing
> To summarise advatages - for me tuxonice is the only hibernation method that works.
> (Till now I've had 3 machines - no one of them able to resume with in-kernel swsusp.)
>> _______________________________________________
>> TuxOnIce-devel mailing list
Just to add my 2 cents as a user of TOI. Every distro and release I've
tried has one major issue with kernel hibernation. Upon resume when
hibernating large images, there's a residual footprint in swap. Every
further hibernation creates a larger footprint, to the order of an
additional 5-7% each time. Nobody has ever cared in any forum to
explain why or how I might change that.

TOI does not do this and that's why I've been using it on every distro I
can for the past 4 or 5 years. I for one would love to see TOI
capability added to the mainline to improve functionality and
performance. If we can't get all 3 maintained, then 2 that are better
would seem to suffice...

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