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    SubjectRe: [RFC] TuxOnIce

    > I'd like to submit TuxOnIce for review, with a view to seeking to get it
    > merged, perhaps in 2.6.31 or .32 (depending upon what needs work before
    > it can be merged) and the willingness of those who matter.
    > To briefly summarise the advantages to merging TuxOnIce:
    > - Support for multiple swap devices
    > - Support for non-swap (an ordinary file can be used)
    > - Uses cryptoapi (LZO support, more than 2x speed of uncompressed data!)
    > - Asynchronous I/O, readahead, multithreaded. Get the maximum throughput
    > possible with your hardware.
    > - Userspace user interface that lets you abort hibernating and abort
    > resuming, get nice progress display etc.

    All these are either done by uswsusp already, or could be done w/o
    modifying kernel code.

    > - 8 years of testing and improvement.

    Yeah, 8 years of out of tree testing; while current code is used by
    basically every distro out there.

    > - Full image of memory (LRU pages that don't need to be atomically
    > copied are saved prior to the atomic copy, then used as the
    > destination of the atomic copy).

    Yeah, that was the patch that did not go in

    > - Support for resuming a different image after writing an image - makes
    > powering down a UPS after writing an image doable.

    This can be done w/o kernel code. Someone had a patch...

    > - Simple to set up (works without any userspace binaries, uses existing
    > resume= and noresume commandline parameters).

    Given that distros ship uswsusp already... is that really an advantage.

    To summarise disadvantages:

    - only core has 8000 LoC
    - it does stuff that can be easily done in userspace
    (and that todays distros _do_ in userspace).
    - it duplicates uswsusp functionality.
    - compared to [u]swsusp, it received little testing


    (cesky, pictures)

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