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SubjectRe: Availability of kdb
On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> Since Linus has rejected kdb there's every indication he will reject any other
> kernel debugger submissions -- also his right. I think my time would be better
> spent completing the merge of the Linux code base onto MANOS since moving the
> debugger over to Linux seems to not be something Linus would adopt and it's
> contrary to his development philosophy, so it's probably a complete waste of my
> time.

You seem to miss the implications of GPL. There's nothing Linus can do
to prevent you from distributing your debugger, both as a patch and
as a part of the kernel, as long as you don't break GPL.
So it won't be 'a complete waste of time'. If your debugger is useful
(and you seem to believe strongly it is), people will start using it anyway,
Linus blessing it or not.

You may notice that *very few* systems out there run a vanilla (Linus')
kernel. They run [a kernel including] many patches which are not
Linus-blessed. It takes some work if you want to be really up to date
with the lastest vanilla release. But for many systems I run I'm just
quite happy with RedHat updates. As many others are happy with Suse
reiser-enabled kernels, I believe.

If you don't want to hear from Linus (and others) about how useless/useful
debuggers are, just don't ask them. Post a link to your patch here on l-k,
WITHOUT asking for inclusion. If you do so, I doubt Linus will ever say
a word about that.

> If I get time to create a patch for Linux, I'll put it up. kdb seems to be
> already there, so folks can use it on Linux for now, and I'll stick to printk()
> and code reviews for my debugging on Linux.

Jeff, there's on think I don't really understand. If the lack of a kernel
debugger does slows YOUR delopment time under Linux down so much, why
don't you take time to write your own debugger (or integrate the one
you already wrote) just for YOU? We'll be glad to see it under GPL,
of course, but that's your choice. Since you seem to think that a debugger
will have an huge impact on development time, you and your company will
have a *great* advantage over competitors when you release it.

> :-)
> Jeff.
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