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SubjectRe: Availability of kdb
Nathan Paul Simons wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 10, 2000 at 12:15:31AM -0700, J. Dow wrote:
> > Properly contemplated and I wonder at the hypocrisy of using a compiler
> > or an assembler instead of carefully hand crafted bits on a blank disk.
> i think you miss the point. i think that Linus is trying to say
> something along the lines of "A hacker does for love what others would not do
> for money." Think about it; who would you rather work with: someone who is
> there because they enjoy the work, truly thrive in the environment, and is
> pleasant to be around -or- someone who does it just because they're paid, they
> "only work here" and would prefer a debugger because it means they don't have
> to think as hard.

One of the principal architects at Compaq called me Friday after reading Linus'
email about not caring about commercial or support issues for commercialization
of Linux on this topic-- his right -- it had the anticipated impact I would
expect, and it's rippling through the industry. This topic on kernel debuggers
and Linux kernel development philosophy has been an unknown to a lot of folks in
the commercial software world for a long time and now Linus has made some things
very clear.

Since Linus has rejected kdb there's every indication he will reject any other
kernel debugger submissions -- also his right. I think my time would be better
spent completing the merge of the Linux code base onto MANOS since moving the
debugger over to Linux seems to not be something Linus would adopt and it's
contrary to his development philosophy, so it's probably a complete waste of my

If I get time to create a patch for Linux, I'll put it up. kdb seems to be
already there, so folks can use it on Linux for now, and I'll stick to printk()
and code reviews for my debugging on Linux.



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> Nathan Paul Simons, Programmer for FSMLabs
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