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SubjectRe: Availability of kdb
> > But in the end, maybe the rule to only use hand power makes sense. Not
> > because hand-power is _better_. But because it brings in the kind of
> > people who love to work with their hands, who love to _feel_ the wood with
> > their fingers, and because of that their holes are not always perfectly
> > aligned, not always at the same place. The kind of carpenter that looks at
> > the grain of the wood, and allows the grain of the wood to help form the
> > finished product.
> >
> > The kind of carpenter who, in a word, is more than _just_ a carpenter.
> >
> > [ Insert a silent minute to contemplate the beaty of the world here. ]
> Properly contemplated and I wonder at the hypocrisy of using a compiler
> or an assembler instead of carefully hand crafted bits on a blank disk.

Taking his base analogy, it's no different that setting up a shop
that uses iron planes, or wood planes, or adzes, or maybe reverting
all the way back to simple stone tools. You draw the line
somewhere to attact a certain type of person interesting in
producing a certain result.

Besides, I assume anyone working on the kernel can get a debugger
patch and be running in a few minutes. Or maybe not? I've never
downloaded a kernel debugger.

Mike (who likes iron planes, iron chisels and drill presses)

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