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SubjectRe: Availability of kdb
From: "Linus Torvalds" <>
> Yes, using a power-drill and other tools makes a lot of carpentry easier.
> To the point that a lot of carpenters don't even use their hands much any
> more. Almost all the "carpentry" today is 99% automated, and sure, it
> works wonderfuly - especially as you in carpentry cannot do it any other
> way if you want to mass-produce stuff.
> But take a moment to look at it the other way.
> If you want to find the true carpenters today, what do you do? Not just "a
> carpenter". But THE carpenter.
> I'm saying that maybe you put up a carpentry shop where everything is
> lovingly hand-crafted and tools are not considered to be the most
> important part - or even necessarily good. And yes, some people
> (carpenters in every sense of the word) will be frustrated. They can't use
> the power-lathe that they are used to. It doesn't suit them. They _know_
> that they are missing something.
> But in the end, maybe the rule to only use hand power makes sense. Not
> because hand-power is _better_. But because it brings in the kind of
> people who love to work with their hands, who love to _feel_ the wood with
> their fingers, and because of that their holes are not always perfectly
> aligned, not always at the same place. The kind of carpenter that looks at
> the grain of the wood, and allows the grain of the wood to help form the
> finished product.
> The kind of carpenter who, in a word, is more than _just_ a carpenter.
> [ Insert a silent minute to contemplate the beaty of the world here. ]

Properly contemplated and I wonder at the hypocrisy of using a compiler
or an assembler instead of carefully hand crafted bits on a blank disk.


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