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16 Jan 1997

  Re: 2.0.28 breaks gus sound shendrix@escape ...
  Re: Compilation problems with 2.1.20, incorrectly globalized symbolsKeith Owens
[New] 2.1.21 booting problem...nerull
  Re: Port-NumbersBob Lanning
  Re: 2.0.28 breaks gus soundHannu Savolainen
[New] OOPS in tcp_conn_request with 2.0.25 after 2 months uptimeKlaus-Georg Adams
  Re: What is for?David A Rusling
[New] 2.1.21 PatchesAlan Cox
  Re: 2.1.21 patches for a clean compileChristian Kirsch
  Re: modutils, the next generationMartin Buck
  Re: modules-2.1.18? Was Compiling 2.1.21 WoesChristian Kirsch
[New] Re: Swapped out truly zero pages & big scientific calculationsMark Hemment
[New] 2.1.21patchset2Alan Cox
[New] Sound driver version 3.8-beta2 is availableHannu Savolainen
  Network OptionsPedro Roque
  Re: modules-2.1.18? Was Compiling 2.1.21 WoesJoachim Schmitz
  Re: 2.1.21 booting problem...todd roy
  Re: 2.1.21 booting problem...Lucian Fratila ~SysAdm~
  Re: AppleTalk 2.1.27 (2.1.21?)David Woodhouse
  Re: 2.1.21 patches for a clean compileHans Lermen
[New] Re: arp problems with 2.1.21"A.N.Kuznetsov"
[New] Re: AppleTalk 2.1.27 (2.1.21?)(Steven Fisher)
[New] Re: arp problems with 2.1.21"A.N.Kuznetsov"
[New] Oops 2.0.27(Thomas Woinke)
  Re: 2.1.21 patches for a clean compile(Thomas Koenig)
[New] Warinings about software versions - patch to README(Dale R. Worley)
  Re: Single user modePhilip Blundell
  Re: 2.1.21 booting problem..."Adam D. Bradley"
  Re: Oops 2.0.27"Adam D. Bradley"
[New] Re: 2.1.21 patch for linux/drivers/scsi/seagate.[ch]Leslie Donaldson
  Re: arp problems with 2.1.21"Richard B. Johnson"
  Re: Linux for JavaVM(Matthias Urlichs)
  Re: Patch for 2.1.20 to try: "kernel environment"(Matthias Urlichs)
  Re: [DRIFT] Re: pentium 4MB pages question for you MMU hackers(Matthias Urlichs)
[New] Unresolved symbols with 2.0.28Michael Blandford
[New] IrDA stackGreg Smith
  Re: 2.1.21 booting problem..."Richard B. Johnson"
[New] Little Lance PatchTekno Soft Snc
  Re: arp problems with 2.1.21"A.N.Kuznetsov"
  Re: modutils, the next generation"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
[New] fast largearea zeroing with read()s on /dev/zero?Ingo Molnar
  Re: 2.0.28 breaks gus soundHubert Mantel
  Re: Oops 2.0.27Andrey V Khavryutchenko
  Little Lance Patch & Cyrix P150+Jay Thorne
  Re: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)Mike Bristow
[New] Re:Little Lance Patch & CyrixTekno Soft Snc
[New] 2.1.21 OppsLeslie Donaldson
  Re: Network OptionsM Shariful Anam
[New] read_zero() hack, turn 2Ingo Molnar
  Re: arp problems with 2.1.21Klaus Kudielka
  Re: trivial modutils questionAlessandro Suardi
  Re: AppleTalk 2.1.27 (2.1.21?) and module fixRegis Duchesne
  Re: Network Options(Alan Cox)
[New] sound Makefile glitchKeith Owens
[New] Re: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)William Sowerbutts
[New] modutils970104 and kernels 2.1.7 to 2.1.20Kevin Lentin
[New] 2.1.21 module related oopsKevin Lentin
[New] 2.1.17 pl 2 : module smbfs doesn't workRegis Duchesne
[New] 2.1.21-patch_module.c-1, insmod "QM_SYMBOL: bad address"Keith Owens
[New] 2.1.21-patch_module.c-2, insmod "QM_SYMBOL: bad address"Keith Owens
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