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SubjectRe: modutils, the next generation
   Date: Thu, 16 Jan 97 11:01 MET
From: Martin Buck <>

Have you considered that there are kernel-modules besides the ones that
come together with the kernel?

Look at iBCS, for example. When you have compiled it, would it be obvious
to you immediately which of the files lying around there is the module
(before having installed it)? Of course, iBCS doesn't even use the current
.o-convention, probably because the module would get lost between all the
other object files.

Yes, it occurred to me; I maintain one of them. (The Comtrol Rocketport
driver is a separately distributed kernel module, provided in source

In general, if you want the user to get it right, you need an install
script or a makefile which will install it in the right directory
(/lib/modules/2.0.28/misc, for example). Even if you had a speciailized
extension, it wouldn't necessarily help that problem (which directory it
goes into). The install script for the Rocketport also installs the
/etc/rc.d files in the right location, as well as the rocketport
configuration file.

So again, while I see your point, I'm not sure it makes a difference in
actual practice.

- Ted

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