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SubjectRe: trivial modutils question
Richard Henderson wrote:
> > Just out of curiosity, is the modules package going to be renamed modutils
> > on a permanent basis?
> Jacques and I were discussing this just last night. He is generally in
> favour of keeping the name "modules" to avoid confusion. I am in favour
> of permanently renaming to "modutils" because there are in fact no actual
> modules in the package.
> Are there other opinions?

Go with modutils.

> > Second, will the distribution point remain
> > or will it return to the kernel distribution sites once modutils has
> > stabilized somewhat?
> The later.

Can't they be moved to a area which is mirrored by
regular mirror sites ? /pub/alphabits isn't and I have been kicked
out a couple of times by Speedy due to load conditions.

> r~

--alessandro <> <>

Linux-i386 kernel-2.1.21 libc-5.4.17 gcc- binutils-

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