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SubjectRe: AppleTalk 2.1.27 (2.1.21?)
On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Yavuz Selim Komur wrote:

> netatalk.1.4b2 startup failed on kernel 2.1.27 with below message..
Supposed to read 2.1.21?

> kernel 2.0.27 work fine...
> starting appletalk daemons:eth0: set Rx mode to 4 addresses.
> eth0: set Rx mode to 5 addresses.
> AppleTalk not up! Child exited with 1.
> atalkdnbp_rgstr: Connection timed out
> Can't register albatros:Workstation@*
> nbp_rgstr: Connection timed out
> Can't register albatros:netatalk@*
> nbprgstr papd afpd.

Have you got appletalk compiled as a module? I did this and found that it
wouldn't load - the symbols sklist_destroy_socket and sklist_insert_socket
aren't included in ksyms. Try 'modprobe appletalk', and see if it loads
or not.
If it doesn't, then either compile appletalk into the kernel, or try
adding something like this to kernel/ksyms.c (There has to be a proper
way of doing this, but at least this made it work for me):

/* Which header file are these in? I couldn't see it. */
void sklist_remove_socket(struct sock **list, struct sock *sk);
void sklist_insert_socket(struct sock **list, struct sock *sk);
void sklist_destroy_socket(struct sock **list, struct sock *sk);

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