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SubjectIrDA stack

I'm trying to find and/or build an IrDA protocol stack for Linux.

I've searched the archive at

and I have been searching for about a month and have been unable
to locate anyone that may be seriously writing an IrDA protocol

There have been casual mentions of attempts to run PPP over an
IrDA port:

>Flynn, Jason, FLYNNJS (
>Fri, 22 Nov 96 09:01:00 UCT
>PPP doesn't really like the fact that the receiver can see the tranmitted frames
>so you get loads (at least as many as you send) of dropped frames. I'm going to
>try SLIP. Can form a campaign for IP over Infra-red... IrDA seem to want lots of
>money for re-inventing a link, network, and application layers !
>As for anyone getting the Thinkpad port to run faster that using it as a
>standard serial port (the max is 1.15 Mbit/s) under linux then I'd also be

Note that the approach attempted does not use any IrDA protocol stack,
only the port.

I have begun dissecting the IrDA docs and have the very EARLY beginnings
of code to implement the IrDA stack. Right now, that consists of the
frame recognition and checksum routine and a header file for IrLAP.
But it does not include, for instance, the escape-code processing or
any of the state-machines.

If anyone is beyond this point, let me know and maybe we can collaborate.

Greg Smith

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