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SubjectRe:Little Lance Patch & Cyrix
ja> Question for you: do you know any  reason why 
ja> lance32 PCI (AMD 79C970) cards might generate
ja> thousands of "Bus master arbitration failure"
ja> messages, specifically when the suspend halt of a
ja> cyrix processor is enabled? I have this problem.
ja> So far my solution has been to disable s

[ ... deleted ...]

I've the same configuration: Cyrix 6x86 P166+, PCI/PCnet II
(AMD 79C970 rev 22), but I don't have this problem, on my box
the APM is always disabled ;-)))! Turn off all the APM options,
and the system _must_ run well.

Roberto Fichera - email

Xmeo ver.3.0 Alpha for Linux & Windows

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