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SubjectRe: arp problems with 2.1.21

> If the required parameters for a single address added to the arp cache
> has now been changed to a netmask of, I haven't a clue
> what that netmask is supposed to do. If this is now correct, it's
> an easy fix.

Certainly, (or no ATF_NETMASK) will work.
As I understnad, you specified netmask
just as a random guess, does not it? 8)
I am glad, fool-proof check introduced in 2.1.16 worked!

Another variant.
As I remember I've already proposed you not to mess with proxy arp.
Just make "default" proxy arp entry:
arp_req = {
arp_ha = no mattter what
arp_pa = 0
arp_netmask = 0
arp_dev = zeros

That's all. No more fiddling with proxy arp is necessary.

Alexey Kuznetsov.

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