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SubjectRe: reiserfs, xfs, ext2, ext3
On Wed, 09 May 2001, Martín Marqués wrote:

> There has also been lots of talks about reiserfs being the cause of
> some data lose and performance lose (not sure about this last one).

I never experienced ReiserFS data loss, but I did experience read
performance loss over ext2fs and switched that file system back to ext2.
The ReiserFS people could not reproduce the problem, so I'm not sure
what was the actual cause.

ext3fs has never given me any problems, but I did not have it in
production use where I discovered major ReiserFS <-> kNFSd
incompatibilities. ext3 has a 0.0.x version number which suggests it's
not meant for production use.

XFS is claimed to work with NFS, but not currently availabe for Linux

JFS has some showstopper bugs that would prevent me from using it.

If you're deploying a cache partition such as /var/squid (possibly
having log files in another /var/log partition on another disk drive),
what's the point about not running (e. g.) mke2fs and squid -z on boot,
as well as mounting the system partitions (/usr) read-only (prevents
fsck on next reboot)? mke2fs is faster than reiserfs recovery probably
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