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Subject[OT] Linux on ENIAC...
> >
> > Tony
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> > Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vaccuum
> > tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only
> > 1,000 vaccuum tubes and perhaps weigh 1 1\2 tons.
> > -- Popular Mechanics, March 1949
> >

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Linux port.

Announcing the heaviest Linux machine available. The port
of Linux to the ENIAC is the next step in open source
productivity and may be the most important invention in the
world. Since it is so difficult to find a modern
operating system for the world class ENIAC system, ENIAC Linux
will present you an entirely new world.

There were only a few problems with Linux and ENIAC--The smallest
Linux kernel is still a hundreds of thousands bytes. In order to
work around this small detail, we have stripped Linux of all the
unnecessary subsystems. Now, after removing the SCSI, PCI, IDE,
Memory, NET, USB, Printing, Processes and Scheduling subsystems,
ENIAC Linux is also the world's smallest Linux. Since ENIAC lacks
online storage, ENIAC Linux uses a sophisticated paper diagram to
to minimize storage requirements and improve wiring speed.

With all these improvements, however, Linux ENIAC is still a very
buggy system. We are constantly replacing buggy and burnt-out pieces
of the ENIAC Linux machine. We hope that the next-generation EDSAC,
with a reduction in size by 16,000 tubes and new memory technology,
will improve the responsiveness, effectiveness and reliability of
the Linux port to the ENIAC architecture.

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