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SubjectRe: reiserfs, xfs, ext2, ext3
On linux-kernel, (Andi Kleen) wrote:
: On one not very scientific test: unpacking and deleting a cache hot 40MB/230MB
: gzipped/unzipped tar on ext2 and xfs on a IDE drive on a lowend SMP box.
: XFS (very recent 2.4.4 CVS, filesystem created with mkxfs defaults)
: > time tar xzf ~ak/src.tgz
: real 1m58.125s
: user 0m16.410s
: sys 0m44.350s
: > time rm -rf src/
: real 0m50.344s
: user 0m0.190s
: sys 0m13.950s
: ext2 (on same kernel as above)
: > time tar xzf ~ak/src.tgz
: real 1m26.126s
: user 0m16.100s
: sys 0m36.080s
: > time rm -rf src/
: real 0m1.085s
: user 0m0.160s
: sys 0m0.930s

And another test:


root@witch:/mobile:# time tar xzf /arc/test.tar.gz

real 5m25.249s
user 1m33.430s
sys 0m31.710s

root@witch:/mobile:# time rm -rf test/

real 0m8.843s
user 0m0.000s
sys 0m0.420s


root@witch:/mobile:# time tar xzf /arc/test.tar.gz

real 5m23.744s
user 1m34.800s
sys 0m39.100s
root@witch:/mobile:# time rm -rf test/

real 0m1.364s
user 0m0.030s
sys 0m0.430s

test.tar.gz is tree created by script:


for lev1 in aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll

mkdir $lev1
cd $lev1

for lev2 in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
mkdir $lev2
cd $lev2

for fname in a b c d e f g h i
dd if=/dev/urandom of=$fname bs=4k count=1024

cd ..

cd ..

Daniel Podlejski <>
... When you're talkin to yourself and nobody's home
You can fool yourself, you came in this world alone ...
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