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SubjectRe: reiserfs, xfs, ext2, ext3
On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 04:25:40PM -0500, Steve Lord wrote:
> >
> > XFS is very fast most of the time (deleting a file is sooooo slow its like us
> > ing
> > old BSD systems). Im not familiar enough with its behaviour under Linux yet.
> Hmm, I just removed 2.2 Gbytes of data in 30000 files in 37 seconds (14.4
> seconds system time), not tooo slow. And that is on a pretty vanilla 2 cpu
> linux box with a not very exciting scsi drive.

On one not very scientific test: unpacking and deleting a cache hot 40MB/230MB
gzipped/unzipped tar on ext2 and xfs on a IDE drive on a lowend SMP box.

XFS (very recent 2.4.4 CVS, filesystem created with mkxfs defaults)

> time tar xzf ~ak/src.tgz
real 1m58.125s
user 0m16.410s
sys 0m44.350s
> time rm -rf src/
real 0m50.344s
user 0m0.190s
sys 0m13.950s

ext2 (on same kernel as above)

> time tar xzf ~ak/src.tgz

real 1m26.126s
user 0m16.100s
sys 0m36.080s

> time rm -rf src/

real 0m1.085s
user 0m0.160s
sys 0m0.930s

ext2 seems to be faster and the difference on deletion is dramatic, so
at least here it looks like Alan's statement is true.

The test did not involve very large files, the biggest files in the
tar are a few hundred K with most of them being much smaller.

The values stay similar over multiple runs. I did not do any comparisons
recently with reiserfs, but at least in the past reiserfs usually came out
ahead of ext2 for similar tests (especially being much faster for deletion)

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