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SubjectRe: Topic for discussion: OS Design
Date said:
> The pc speaker is fine for playing one note at a time - it is
> extremely shitty hardware if you want to play samples.

It's actually quite reasonable for sound effects. Stuff like beeps and
boings to announce talk requests, new mail, etc. But yes, playing mp3s on
it does suck somewhat :)

> A dirt cheap used soundcard or even a resistor network connected to the
> parallel port is a good DAC-device compared to the pc speaker.

Note that the latter is also supported by the PCSP driver, and has to play
the same evil timer tricks. When I finally get round to shifting the system
timer onto the RTC so the PCSP driver can have the 8253 all to itself,
the PCSP driver will be a lot nicer. It doesn't impact the system
performance that much at all.


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