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SubjectRe: Topic for discussion: OS Design
Yikes!  Within 5 minutes, I already got a few personal attacks! (and some very
insightful messages as well.)

I'll end this here before it gets too out-of-control.

I should have done my homework before posting. I don't totally agree that my
posts were wrong (as an end user, I can definitely see that Linux needs
serious work), but I should have seen that this would start a flame war, and
been sufficiently armed to enter into an argument like this. I'm not, so I'll
just shut up now.

-> Please don't continue to flame me: I've learned my lesson. <-

I'm a teenager that's been programming (mostly in AmigaBASIC) for about 11
years now. I've only been doing C for the last 1-2 years (though I'm learning
quickly). I want to get familiar with kernel programming.

I've been told that I should start with writing a driver. Any good online
resources on doing this (eg. hardware specs, x86 assembler resources,
tutorials, etc)? I learn quickly, but I have no idea where to begin.

Dwayne C. Litzenberger -

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