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    SubjectRe: Topic for discussion: OS Design
    Date said:
    > 5. Linus tends to blame patches for inadequacies in the kernel. The
    > PC speaker driver is a perfect example: No driver should have to do
    > something "dirty" in order to function, because the operating system
    > should provide clean ways to do this.

    Bad example. The PC speaker driver does something which is fundamentally
    ugly by design. It should be fixed to do something _different_. The OS
    should not make it possible for PCSP to screw with the timers, the OS should
    use the RTC for its own purposes, and leave the 8253 available for PCSP.

    It's on my TODO list, and has been there for about three years now. If
    you're looking for something to cut your teeth on, I'll be _happy_ to give
    you some pointers :)

    And in general response to your questions:
    "One thing that writing a real OS instead of writing about it teaches you
    is that 99% of OS theory is utter crud" -- Alan Cox
    (from memory, may be slightly misquoted)


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