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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
> It's quite frightening that you would compare a 486 running Linux to
> an Alpha running Digital Unix. It tells me that you're quick to
> criticize without checking the facts first. Digital Unix is 64 bit,
> Intel Linux is not. Alphas are very much RISC-based, we all know that
> the i486 is not. So, not only do you have a bloat resulting from CISC
> vs RISC, but you're basically doubling the size of binaries by going
> from 32 to 64 bit (I don't think you'll want to try compiling the
> kernel with -xtaso). Apples and Oranges, as they like to say.

Still doesn't explain why my Pentium does loopback tcp faster than a 333Mhz
DEC Alpha running OSF/1.

Its worth noting here that for Linux on the Alpha too the recommended memory
sizes are 8Mb/16Mb not 4Mb/8Mb as they are on intel. Number of bits makes a
big difference (fortunately for Linux 8086)


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