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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Alex Krimkevich wrote:

> almost anything. It is true that DEC's kernel is several Megs in size,
> but don't forget it is capable of much more than Linux is, and,
> arguably, will ever be. The lacking capabilities are of no concern
> to most people, however the truth remains: Digital UNIX is a better
> multitasking, multiuser OS than Linux. I am no DEC's or Sun's fan,

So what can Digital UNIX do that Linux cannot? I think your reasoning is
quite flawed. I think it is quite possible for a conglomeration of people
all over the net investing only their free time to come out with an
operating system that can easily compete with commercial OS's. I think
Linux's main problem is the crappy PC hardware it's based on. That's why
I'm going to buy an Alpha as soon as I get some bucks saved up. 15 years
of backwards compatibility has got to have some negative effect on a
platform. I spent all afternoon trying to work out the LBA on the IDE's on
my boss's new machine which runs Win95. I've decided once and for all that
I truely despise PC hardware. If I ever see another > 1024 cylinder IDE
HD, irq conflict, 16 bit program, floppy tape drive hack, I'm gonna puke.

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