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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
> So what can Digital UNIX do that Linux cannot? I think your reasoning is
> quite flawed. I think it is quite possible for a conglomeration of people

I think your experience with other OSes in real world is quite limited.
Try real clustering, 12 cpu SMP. I have seen an 8 server Digital UNIX
cluster with a total of 96 300Mhz processors running ORACLE Distributed
Server giving back transaction per second ratings that makes Cray cringe.

When I say cluster I dont mean NFS either :P

Our main server has been running medium to high load 24 hours a day for
8 months, no kernel crash.

> all over the net investing only their free time to come out with an
> operating system that can easily compete with commercial OS's. I think

Linux already does compete and win, just not in every arena.

> Linux's main problem is the crappy PC hardware it's based on. That's why
> I'm going to buy an Alpha as soon as I get some bucks saved up. 15 years

Thats the only reason eh?
Myself, when I get the bucks I wont bother with Alpha for my personal
station. P6, 1 mb cache, 64 mb RAM, Ultra SCSI, BAWWACUDA, Linux all the way.
But for now I love my 486-80.

Lets stop this thread. Noone is bashing Linux, it has undeniable performance
benchmarks (see David's post) but there are still a lot of people out there
that dont have the liberty to run Linux on mission critical systems.
When I see an Oracle database port for Linux I will be the first to shout

Btw, has anyone discussed this to Oracle? Many government groups use
Oracle or Sybase and if a company like Oracle showed enough faith in
Linux, then my bosses would probably follow.


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