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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
In article <>,
Alex Krimkevich <> wrote:
>almost anything. It is true that DEC's kernel is several Megs in size,
>but don't forget it is capable of much more than Linux is, and,
>arguably, will ever be. The lacking capabilities are of no concern
>to most people, however the truth remains: Digital UNIX is a better
>multitasking, multiuser OS than Linux. I am no DEC's or Sun's fan,
>but let's be honest - there is no way that a group of people, most
>of who hold daytime jobs, can compete with the multibillion
>corporations, which employ some of the best minds on this planet.

This way of thinking is exactly why I love to reformat alphas from DECunix
to Linux and PCs from SCO to Linux... I always love it when administrators
realise Linux runs better...

Ok.. so I am biased... I have been working with linux since 0.98.something
and seen the University's Sparcs crash and crash... I then got to see
the new Alphas that replaced the Sparcs having a 'shutdown -r now' running
every night from crontab to keep the memory leakers from exausting the VM.

I finally got out of University and managed to get the local Digital reps
(for whom I work now) give me an AS 200 to run Linux on it and be so pleased
I now have 4 AXP in their ISP serving pages, running harvest and other
stuff... I even managed to get out of the Ciscos and replaced them with
PCs, Linux and Emerging Tech. cards...

I love Linux, I get my income supporting it and will continue to do so...

Have a nice day (and sorry for turning this into advocacy but could not resist...)


Eduardo Kaftanski
WebHost, el primer Proveedor de Presencia Internet

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