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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
William E. Roadcap wrote:
> Just to satisfy my curiosity about the comments here on Digital Unix's
> size, I telnet'd into my ISP running Digital Unix.
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root system 9388376 Apr 26 12:10 vmunix.old
> Now that's big!

And not relevant. Some of us have enough of a clue to compile the
kernel with the "-x" ldflag.

Off the top of my head, things that Digital Unix has which Linux
(and any distribution derived from it) does not:

AdvFS -- There's no way in hell I'm fscking a 24 gig /news/spool if
the system crashes.
Run on 2000 model Alphas and higher (Which also ties in with SMP)
Full Blown ATM
Full Compliancy branding (Which linux will get when Caldera pulls through)
C2 Security
Complete BSD and SysV functionality (I can choose what I want)
CDE and very nice suite of admin tools
Better C compiler than gcc.

Some of these things will be solved/improved in the near future, yet
there are many things that I depend on now. I like Linux and use it
wherever possible, however, I don't believe in blind, stupid
fanaticism. That's something I usually attribute to the BSD crowd and
I hope people running Linux will prove to be a little more intelligent
and mature. Writing off an OS simply because it isn't Linux is
counterproductive (The reverse is true as well, but I doubt anyone
reading this mailing list looks at it that way). There are many
things that can be learned from Digital Unix and there are many things
that the Unix Group at Digital can learn from Linux (They probably
have already). How about we get back on topic and worry about Linux
bloat compared to Linux instead of contenting ourselves to pointing at
others to prove our superiority?


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