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SubjectRe: Coreboot vs Libreboot - GNU: Please use Coreboot without the blobs (compile time option). - CoreBoot Dev weighed in. - Translations
I will now explain the ideas which the proud White American Man, who is 
the coreboot developer, means to convey:

He feels that you on the coasts are all homosexuals who should be
physically eradicated from this earth; he is confident that such will

He feels that I am a foreigner, perhaps a muslim, and that foreigners
wish to have sexual relations with female children, like "pedo muhammed"

The proud American White Man, the coreboot developer, feels that all
muslims should be killed, and certainly should not be welcome in his
America. The reasons he feels that muslims should be killed is because
his minor-god: Jesus, said in the Kings English once "Better a
Millstone", regarding "the offending of children", additionally his
true-god: white woman, is disadvantaged by men marrying young girls.

[(Note: the "Better a millstone" passage in the new testament is
about the Apostles making new-believers feel unwelcomed, so they were
told that anyone that causes a little-one, like this child, to stumble
(in his path towards belief in what Jesus was saying), it would be
better for that person to be drowed via an expensive piece of capital
(the people being drowned would be the apostles), and it was written in
greek, a language white american men spurn: In this Jesus also looked
forward in time, somehow, and rejected American Capitalism (the capital
good would be lost), and American White Protestantism (which does
exactly what he campaigned against))
(Later the same passage was used to slaughter non-catholics, before
the American Whites chose to use it to torture, castrate, and murder men
who even hint at liking pretty young girls)]

The White American Man also feels that the Old Testament (Torah) Jewish
God is "the devil", and was rejected by Jesus when Jesus told The Jews:
your father is the devil: a liar an murderer from the beginning. With
such; the White American Coreboot developer rejects all the
pro-marry-female-children laws and arguments from the Torah.

The White American Corebooter feels that the only permissible way of
life is thus:
The man Respects and Honours the White Ayran Wuuhhmmahhhnn (as he
reverently refers to her).
The man Labours to support the White Aryan Wuuuhhmmahhhnnn.
The man Protects and Dies for the White Aryan Wuuuhhmmahhnn.
The man Eradicates all foes of the White Aryan Wuhhhhmmahhhnn.

His creed, and the creed of virtually all white males can be summed up
as follows:
> "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the
> earth."

No paedophile marriage with pretty young girls: that does not benefit
the Wuhhhhhhhhmaahhhhnnnnnn.
Yes to men being wage slaves, having only one bride, and being
disposable pawns to be used at her whim.
That is the white american way.

On 2019-11-07 17:15, wrote:
> [A coreboot developer weighed in yesterday, on the technology section
> of the 4chan japanese artwork appreciation website, I am posting his
> opinion here for completeness sake]
> ( )
> Quote:
>> some nobody from a literally who country is using tranny software as a
>> vehicle to rant about americans
> I'm a white American that maintains a couple Coreboot ports. I've been
> saying this for years that the tranny does zero work and steals our
> code and rebrands it. This idea is nothing new. Furthermore, the
> costal sodomites and their "culture" are not representative of all
> Americans. They are a relatively new phenomenon that came out of the
> drug fueled baby boomer decadence of the 60s and 70s. These
> degenerates are relics of a bygone era and in the coming decades they
> will be stamped into the dirt by a conservative revolution that kicked
> off around 2010-2012.

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