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SubjectRe: Coreboot vs Libreboot - GNU: Please use Coreboot without the blobs (compile time option). - Why the [edits]?
> I’m pretty much sure the old religions, especially some popular 
> branches of
> Islam and Christianism condemn what you say about women.

You're wrong.

Islam explicitly allows men to marry female children.
Bukari Hadith book 5
Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236
Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64
Sahih Bukhari 8:73:151

The 5th book of the Torah, the last law book, Devarim, EXPLICITLY
commands child marraige, including in cases of rape (tahpas): Devarim
chapter 22, verse 28. Relevant words:
Hebrew masoretic text: Na'ar (child) (>Nachmanides points out that a
child may be called na'ar from the moment he is born. )
Greek septuagint: Padia (child, padia+philos = paedophillia)
Latin vulgate: Puella (young girl)

The Vedic traditions have laws that state that if a father fails to
marry his girl off by 9 or 12 he goes to a hell.

This shows that you do not know what you think you know, you just spout
the Americanisms you were told, without reading the original texts in
their own languages.

Christianity is simply a heretical pro-woman, anti-male religion run by

The Sunni Islamics will destroy the American religion eventually, no
matter what that requires, and we will marry cute young girls again,
nomatter what is required to effect that change. That freedom.

On 2019-11-06 22:32, Alexandre François Garreau wrote:
> Le mercredi 6 novembre 2019 22:49:07 CET, vous avez écrit :
>> The man is no a
>> eunich, but he is not a woman (since he cannot have children).
> So you go under M. Garisson definition of a women, according which
> sterile
> cissexual (that is non-transsexual) “women” are actually “men”, and any
> man
> dating whoever is not able to get pregnant is being gay?
> Does that also apply to hormonal contraception? Does it mean a woman
> taking
> the pill is a man? Damn, trans men must be happy of this consideration
> x)
> At least it’s easy to become a man through surgery, according your
> definitions.
> Sooooooo did you check all women you had sex with are fertile? there
> are
> common affections that make women sterile. Maybe you have been having
> gay sex
> without knowing it.
>> A woman
>> without a womb
> Actually if you looked well at the photos, she has one. That’s the
> goal of
> sex reassignment surgery.
>> is like a broken compiler: it's not a compiler: just the
>> pieces that could have been one. Same with a man without genitals.
> If you believe the only purpose of a human is to give birth, “make love
> not
> war” and stop bothering people on mailing lists. But afaik, according
> your
> definitions… you can’t (give birth).
> But wait… you were defending pedophilia… but a prepubere girl can’t get
> pregnant… so… what’s the point of it?
> I mean, having sex with a prepubere girl and with a transsexual woman
> is
> biologically just the same: it can’t give birth.
>> In america it is lauded when men have their genitals chopped off.
> No, many americans are transphobic too. And most of them are neither
> supporters of transgender rights, nor transphobes, but don’t care.
> Like
> everywhere actually.
>> But when a man might hint at the wish to marry adorable young girls:
>> america wants to kill and torture him.
> Sadly, yet you’re doing nothing to help but more harm, because nobody
> allies
> with your views and you’re not trying to understand a fuck.
>> The old religions
> I’m pretty much sure the old religions, especially some popular
> branches of
> Islam and Christianism condemn what you say about women.
>> And the libreboot maintainer is a Eunich, NOT a woman - a he or a
>> neuter.
> An eunuch is a man without genitals. But she has (female) genitals,
> female
> levels of hormone, looks like a woman, and by the virtue of “if it’s
> all like
> a duck, it’s a duck” she’s a woman. period. you just draw essentialism
> for the
> rest.
>> I doubt [she]'ll ever contribute anything much more after having [her]
>> balls
>> sliced off of his body. They usually lose the will.
> Loss of testosterone imply indeed small depression and loss of will.
> That’s
> why in sex reassignment we gives hormone including testosterone and
> female
> sexual hormones, so the will come back ;) and without the depression
> coming
> with gender dysphoria.
> I think she works on other stuff. LibreBoot is worked on by other
> people now.

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