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SubjectRe: Coreboot vs Libreboot - GNU: Please use Coreboot without the blobs (compile time option). - Local politics in Software
Andy: RMS was the victim of such local politics/religion (one can see 
said US belief system as a religion); his enemies opened the door.

And it is local. Even the foreign-to-us people that were attacking RMS
and had him physically thrown out of his home at MIT were following
local-American morals and beliefs, even if some of them were in Europe.

I am just expressing a weak opposition to what they used against RMS.

If they are able to call for RMS' removal from his OWN project (and yes:
GNU is _his_ project), and they have threads on this that go on for
centuries on -devel lists, and this is fine (it is seen as fine), then
they have already opened the door.

They would like it to be closed after they said their piece, ofcourse.

They even got RMS to recant! RMS, recanting!
After they pressured him, and had him thrown out with bouncers from
where he lived for 40 years. Because he offended /their/
religion/local-politics (which are global because the demon won't leave
anyone alone)

On 2019-11-06 18:21, Andy Tai wrote:
> Please no politics of these "American" hate/evil stuff. These are not
> qualified factors in making technical decisions.
> This is a global list. Your opinions are of local nature and should
> not be imposed on anyone in your country or anywhere else.
> On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 9:54 AM <> wrote:
>> (because white women _HATE_ men: thus libreboot-"maintainer"'s
>> shameful
>> act is in keeping with their interests, while RMS's past text ideas
>> are
>> not: white women are _EVIL_ tyrants who encourage their men (and they
>> are _their_ men) to MURDER COUNTLESS INNOCENT muslim men, women,
>> children BECAUSE "they are p[a]edos: the men should be killed, the
>> children are better of dead than living in that society"))]
>> ...
>> For these reasons I propose coreboot with the no-blobs option be used
>> over "libreboot". It is free-software without the blobs; but even
>> blobless the spyware in your processor is still there either way
>> (another gift of America).

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