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SubjectRe: Coreboot vs Libreboot - GNU: Please use Coreboot without the blobs (compile time option). - Why the [edits]?
I am not exibiting "pure"-cissexism because I wholly support men who 
wish to marry young girls. "Paedophillia" is not "pure-cissexism". It'
might be "misogyny", since women constantly use their white pitbulls to
attack however.

You editing my words was no authorized by me. Short quotes are fine and
fair-use, but editing the work for anything other than spelling is not.
I did not call the man a [she] I called him a he. A he that CHOPPED OFF

Any "difficulty" he is going through is of his own making. It is
perverse to tell me about it.

That is who "represents" the Free Software movement now: you toss out
the guy who you _think_ __maybe__ likes young girls for his 3 text posts
on his own website, and you uphold the guy who pays people to cut off
his penis and slice away his testicals and take pictures of it.

Which is fairly similar to what he does to core boot: so I think maybe
that sorta gave him the idea. Also the fact that he never put the
weights up probably exacerbated the problem (weight training excercize
increases testosterone: which is why I'm so productive in programming my
Free Software game)

Libre boot is known as "tranny boot" and the FSF is known as "a buch of
do-nothing trannys and gays plus one straight old MIT hacker who they
just threw out because he didn't fit in with the society there"

You drive the actual programmers away, in order to get some women and
queers. You let the bird in the hand go, thinking you will get those in
the bush.

On 2019-11-06 21:59, Alexandre François Garreau wrote:
> Pure cissexism is off-topic on gnu-system-discuss, which is about
> technical
> aspects of the GNU system. You shall not talk about social or politics
> (other
> than software freedom) here. For further questions please ask in
> private.
> Le mercredi 6 novembre 2019 22:49:07 CET, vous avez écrit :
>> Why did you edit my words of [something] […] to [[something else]]?
> Because I don’t want to relay your statements I disagree with myself.
> Quotations are for convenience, not relaying. If one want to correct
> or
> summarize something, convention is to do so by putting such
> modification into
> square brackets.
>> I did not authorize you do do
>> that.
> I don’t need.
>> Verbatim quotes are fine, changing words is not.
> Yes it is, as it is small quotation, and not plagiarism nor
> counterfeit.

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