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SubjectRe: Coreboot vs Libreboot - GNU: Please use Coreboot without the blobs (compile time option). - Why the [edits]?
Why did you edit my words of he (the libreboot maintain is a man: who 
had his genitals sliced off) to [she]? I did not authorize you do do
that. Verbatim quotes are fine, changing words is not. The man is now a
eunich, but he is not a woman (since he cannot have children). A woman
without a womb is like a broken compiler: it's not a compiler: just the
pieces that could have been one. Same with a man without genitals.

In america it is lauded when men have their genitals chopped off.
But when a man might hint at the wish to marry adorable young girls:
america wants to kill and torture him.

RMS defended the idea of man+girl (paedophillia) being OK, 3 times, in
his writings. He has now "walked that back" (sadly, we grieve) and tries
to keep to the american religion: (because you all attacked him for
deviating from your evil sick belief system.)

The old religions all support RMS's previous stance and more. America's
new religion does not.

And the libreboot maintainer is a Eunich, NOT a woman - a he or a

I doubt he'll ever contribute anything much more after having his balls
sliced off of his body. They usually lose the will.

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