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SubjectRe: Possible breakthrough in the CML2 logjam?
"Eric S. Raymond" wrote:
> But for these good things to happen, CML2 *got to go in*. I cannot both
> continue the enormous effort of maintaining a parallel rulebase
> and move the ball forward towards automatic rule generation from metadata
> and other good things. That's what I want to be working on.

Global dependencies... CML1 doesn't have this now, and it needs never
to have it. This is no point in merging a design change of that
magnitude only to take it away later on. Further, merging a rulebase
which contains such dependencies would be a huge mistake that might take
years to undo. drivers/net/rules.cml doesn't need S/390 stuff in it,
AFAICT, and that is a simple example of a bug found in many of the
rules.cml files.


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