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SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers
Eric S. Raymond writes:
> So I'd have to generate a custom version for him. I used to have the
> machinery to do that by parsing magic comments in my master file.
> Until Linus blew it apart.

Repeat after me: Linus is a bastard. Linus doesn't care.

Everyone knows this. Even Linus admits he's a bastard. We all have to
live with changes. It's frustrating when some code you're maintaining
code for different kernel trees and you can't share a common master
due to API changes. But Linus doesn't care. This is the price of doing
business here. Everyone knows that. And (almost) everyone keeps coming
back for more punishment. People live with the system.

So, can we please drop this thread? You're frustrated. Fine. You've
had your chance to vent. OK. Everybody needs to do that from time to
time. But move on. Don't keep flogging this dead horse. You're
cutting into the bone, now.


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