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SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> Richard Gooch <>:
> > Repeat after me: Linus is a bastard. Linus doesn't care.
> Fine. We all know Linus is a bastard.
> If that's so, then why are the likes of Jeff Garzik and Al Viro
> spending so much effort trying to make *me* into the bad guy?

I can't speak for Jeff. Compared to me Linus is downright nice,
kind and touchy-feely guy. I'm not. I don't like manipulative
arseholes. I _despise_ inept manipulative arseholes and I really
can't stand demagogy - what with a massive overdose of that in
school years (Soviet Union, early 80s - 'nuff said).

Your habit of claiming completely unsubstantiated credentials also
doesn't help. Let me spell it out - your pseudo-phylosophical
essays are handwaving at best and deliberate dishonesty at worst.
If you expect respect for them - you are looking in the wrong
place. You don't understand how kernel development works - that
much had been made obvious for everyone by the last couple of months.
And yet you don't hesitate to plug holes in your proposals with empty
preaching ex cathedra and massive demagogy.

I had seen such guys in Uni. Usually they taught Marxism-Leninism,
History of Party, Philosophy, etc. Nobody with a shred of clue and
self-respect had touched them with a ten-feet pole. Excuse me for
being not too happy to see that type again.

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